Neuro-Muscular Re-training

Shira-directs-neuro-muscular-exercise-with-conesShira Siegal uses a variety of approaches to re-train patients who suffer from an unfortunate disease or have experienced an injury to nerves, bones, tendons, ligaments or muscles.  Patients are assisted in finding ways to regain motor control.

Shira utilizes the Bobath neuro-developmental treatment principals to facilitate improvements to the sensorimotor pathways that control muscle groups.  She uses proprioceptive neuro-muscular techniques that facilitate associated reactions to regain motor control in the affected areas.  Rehabilitation programs start with regaining gross motor skills, and then progress to developing fine motor control.

For instance, the human hand presents one of the most difficult challenges for physical therapists.  The large number of bones, ligaments and tendons interact in multiple ways to allow the hand to function properly.  For this reason, rehabilitation must be performed by a trained specialist who understands the intricacies of working on this complicated part of the anatomy.