Larry C.Rehabilitation of Rotator Cuff and Bicep

When searching for a therapist to help me recover from shoulder surgery due to a fall where my rotator cuff and bicep were badly torn, I knew I’d need some very professional and attentive care.

Shira Siegal shoulder rehab

Shira Siegal was recommended by my doctor’s office.  At once I knew I was in the right hands.  Almost immediately my arm began to have movement that had been foreign for 6 weeks prior.  With the care and attention that Shira and her team provided, I am now, just 5 months after surgery, back on the golf course and confident that my shoulder will be at full strength in the not too distant future.

Shira Siegal patient arm exercises

Her continued concern and supportive nature has given me the confidence to continue my rehabilitation knowing that I am in the best place to receive therapy.

Ray G. – Rehabilitation of Broken Fingers and Shoulder

I was in a serious car accident which resulted in two severely broken fingers and a damaged shoulder.  My surgeon recommended Shira and I started therapy within one week of the surgical procedures.

Ray’s first brace for broken fingers

Shira and her team designed and constructed a series of custom braces to protect and stabilize the hand as it healed.  As the bones proceeded to heal and I gained mobility in the joints, the brace was modified as needed.  I could easily remove the braces for rehabilitation exercises and treatment, and her team was very considerate of my comfort in designing the details of the braces.

Ray’s second brace for broken fingers

Shira also provided the necessary silicon dressing to minimize scarring of the incision sites, compression gloves to minimize swelling at night, and special taping that also helped in reducing swelling after treatments.

Ray’s modified brace to protect healing fingers

Her knowledge of how the joints work and what treatment methods were appropriate at any given time were quite helpful in speeding my recovery.  Now that several months have passed since the accident, I have regained full use of my hand with minimal scarring and very good flexibility in the affected joints.

Ray’s fingers with compression tape applied

I am very happy with the concern for my health and the attention to detail Shira and her capable assistants provided.  I have already recommended her to friends and would not hesitate to return if I ever needed physical therapy in the future.

Kyle B. – Rehabilitation of Severed Flexor Tendons and Median Nerve in Wrist

I was so fortunate to have been referred to Shira after having surgery to repair two severed flexor tendons and a severed median nerve in my wrist.  The surgery was successful, but the prognosis for my hand was still not great.  My doctor told me that I might not regain full function of my hand due to the severity of the injury.

hand stimulation

Stimulator applied to repaired tendons and nerve in wrist.

From the beginning, Shira emphasized the importance of my cooperation and participation in my treatment.  Shira carefully implemented a treatment plan that considered the complexity of my injury.   She expressed sincere concern for me and would often call me at home to see how I was doing.

Wrist treatment

Shira works with Kyle to increase mobility in wrist.

After completing seven months of therapy, my surgeon is amazed by my recovery and says that my hand is better than he though it could ever be.

For five months I was unable to write, type, play piano, lift weights, button a shirt, tie my shoes, etc.  I can do all of those things again and I am so grateful that Shira was my hand therapist.  She is so skilled and passionate about her work. Thank you, Shira!

Mike F. – Training & Fine Motor Prehension

Shira Siegal is like a modern day Florence Nightingale. She is always getting the troops back on their feet and ready for their next encounter. Not only does she tend to the obvious problems that she is working on, but if she spies an event that is happening in another sector she rushes to give relief in that area.

Shira Siegal rehab Patient Mike

Shira is indeed a consummate healer, if one may use that term, in a very positive western medicine arena. All in all, she is one of the finest, physical therapists on record.

I am very lucky that my Physician introduced Shira to me.

Lorraine B.

Dear Shira,

I remember sitting in your offices awaiting treatment quite recently, when you learnt about the dire diagnosis of your father’s illness.

I feel sure that caring for others, as you so superbly do, helps you deal with your pain. Nonetheless, I share your pain.

Fondly, Lorraine B.

Jennifer– Office Volunteer

Dear Shira,

I would like to thank you so much for your guidance, patience and warmth while I was volunteering for you. Honestly, you are such a friendly, warm, and kind-hearted individual and professional, and I hope to be as great an OT as you someday. Also, thank you so much for writing me a letter of recommendation. I know writing a letter takes time, effort, and consideration. I really express my gratitude to you in supporting me in my endeavors.

With love, Jennifer

Myles J. Cohen M.D.

Dear Shira:

Please know how very much I appreciate the care which you give my patients on a regular basis.

Please accept my very best wishes for a happy healthy new year.

Sincerely yours, Myles J. Cohen M.D.

Teresa– Hand Rehabilitation Therapy

Teresa Testimonial photo
Dear Shira,

I recently completed an enjoyable vacation in Barcelona, Spain. I also downhill skied for a week this winter.

I will always be so grateful to have my hand working back to normal again and couldn’t have done it without all your help!!

I enjoyed your picture – I was reminded of what all you and your guys did for me on regaining my independence. My hand is back to normal with no surgery. I have been back to lifting weights for year now. I can lift 20 pounds in each hand with no problem – I have my strength back.

Bike Rider
I just got back from a bicycle trip in the Pyrenees in Spain and I biked for a week in the mountains. (Remember, I also couldn’t bike with my hand the way it was.) I biked 4 miles uphill the second day and it was a 12 MILE journey uphill the third day and I was so proud to accomplish that as it was the hardest thing I have ever done physically.